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The Island of Exuma!

Welcome to Your Paradise!

Located in the central region of the Bahamas, Exuma is made up of many small cays. Great and Little Exuma, the central hub, are the main focal points of these islands. Being made up of some 365 islands and cays, there is an island for every day of the year. Like most inhabitants of the Bahamas, the people here originated out of Africa during the years of the slave trade and are the direct descendants of Africans. Exuma is a place of timeless tranquility and peace, endless moments, and memorable magic.

The waters of Exuma are a kaleidoscope of dark and light hues of blues, greens and turquoise. The crystal-clear waters are absolutely breathtaking and are known as some of the most beautiful waters in the world! Our islands are also home to many remnants of the great history of the people who were here first. Today, you can still find tombs, cotton plantations, cannons, forts and remnants of the first slave settlements.

Exuma is home to the proud Bahamian pastime of boat building. The great craftmanship of this work is showcased annually at our National Family Island Regatta, held the last full week of April every year. If you have never attended, mark your calendar. It is quite an experience and a real Bahamian treat.

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