See the Bahamian Iguana
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These fearsome looking but gentle creatures are the only iguanas of their kind. The Northern Bahamian Iguana can only be found on Exuma and, sadly, they are endangered. Located at Allen’s Cay, the iguanas welcome visitors and love when you bring them a snack! Almost every boat excursion/tour company on the island offers trips to Allen’s Cay and the iguanas.
Iguana Tips
• Iguanas are strictly herbivores so don’t feed them hotdogs. Protein gives them gout and other nutritionally related diseases.
• Do not feed them white bread as it is stripped of all fiber and nutrients.
• Just like us, they need strong bones to stay healthy. Load them up on greens.
• Do not place food in the sand. Place a small piece of food on a stick and hold it out for them.
• Opt for low water foods.

Staple foods: dandelion greens, collard greens, green beans, acorn squash, mango, cactus, okra and snap peas
Occasional foods: apples bananas, broccoli, carrots, cucumber, kale, kiwi, pears, spinach, melons and zucchini
Treat foods: raspberries, grapes and whole wheat bread

Most visitors opt for feeding the iguanas using a stick as they have been known to accidentally bit fingers and toes they mistake for food. Feeding them using sticks is also healthier for the iguana as accidental ingestion of sand is not good for them.
They’ve also been known to show their true, spunky personalities. Some are skittish while others, when the opportunity arises, may climb on legs or arms or show off their vertical jumping skills.
People may have hijacked these wild iguanas’ taste buds so the healthy offerings may be rejected. Just like people, once the iguana has developed bad habits, it may be difficult to break them of it.

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