Thunderball Grotto
Detailed Information

Thunderball Grotto is a limestone cave located just west of Staniel Cay and is named after the 1965 James Bond movie, “Thunderball,” which used the grotto as a filming location. To get inside you have to swim through a small opening. Once you are in, you will see spectacular coral and many fish. There is a natural skylight above that lights up the fish and coral as you snorkel around on a sunny day.
Exuma Water Sports, Robert’s Island Adventures, Sugar Adventure, and Island Boy Adventures offer tours to Thunderball Grotto.
Thunderball Grotto Tips
• Bring your snorkel gear to see the full beauty of the underwater cave. Bring your underwater camera to capture the memory.
• Bring fish food to feed the fish.
• If you are not a strong swimmer, be wary of how strong the current is on the day you go. You will have to swim against the current to get out of the cave.
• Be careful when swimming in and out of the cave, there are many sharp rocks you could hit your head on.

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